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EST 2015

Stars has state of the art facilities, equipment and more.

Stars is Griffith's only performing art centre teaching Dance, Singing, Acting & Acro.


Studio 1

Studio 1 has professional dance flooring, wall-to-wall mirrors and an incredible sound system with dual heating and cooling to keep our students comfortable and safe. 

Classes such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, and Personalised Wedding Dances are all held in Studio 1.


Studio 2

Studio 2 has gymnast grade flooring, thick and safe for learning stunts and tricks. Stars prides itself on caring for the safety of its students.


Stars also has crash mats and spring boards to give its students the opportunity to develop professional acrobatic and cheer skills. Classes such as Cheerleading, Acrobatics, Swing, Acting Lessons and Tiny Tots classes are held in Studio 2.


Studio 3

Studio 3 is a private, comfortable space for students to learn how to sing. It is equiped with two sound systems and microphone, guitars and keyboard.


It is a fun and vibrant place to let go, be yourself and become one with the music. 


Each year Stars holds an end of year production where all its students are given the chance to showcase their talents in dance, singing, acting and acro in a supportive environment.

Held at the regional theatre with full costume, lighting and music, each production is unique and personally choreographed and directed by Stars. Each production has its own theme and storyline and all are welcome to attend.

Previous productions held by Stars include:

  • Fight to the Finish - 2015

  • Vivid Revolution - 2015

  • Midnight Madness - 2016

  • Superheroes - 2017

  • Vintage - 2018

  • The King is Back - 2019

  • Alice in Wonderland - 2020

  • Toy Story - 2021

  • Queen - 2022

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